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Are you ready to upgrade your beauty routine?

Here at EXTEND LashRoom, we specialize in one thing and one thing only...natural looking, long lasting volume eyelash extensions. Celebrating your unique individuality is our jam and together we can create a designer look that amps up your natural beauty while cutting your beauty routine in half! From light and natural to dark and glamorous, each lash set is designed to accentuate your eye shape and compliment your lifestyle. Never get caught off guard with messy mascara or “tired looking” eyes again. Come enjoy a relaxing reset in our private lash studio nestled in the Governor’s Ridge business park on Powers Ferry Road, Marietta,Ga.


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Our Commitment 

At Extend LashRoom we specialize in customized, natural looking eyelash extensions. This means whether you go with our lightest set, or full on drama you will never have to worry about the lash extensions touching your brows or weighing down your lids. If you aren't happy with your set in the first 72 hours, we offer a complimentary touch up.



Have you been considering making the change to eyelash extensions, but still have a few questions?

Well let us first start by saying the benefits to wearing eyelash extensions are endless! Whether you want a stunning look for a special occasion or a natural look that will give you more time in the mornings, Extend LashRoom has what you need to face the world with confidence. To help you feel more secure in the decision to upgrade your beauty routine, we have created blogs around some of the most frequently asked questions. The bottom line though... eyelash extensions are the bomb dot com!

The only lash artist specializing in the integrity of natural lashes while providing a private and

rejuvenating atmosphere. We cater to professionals, entrepreneurs and the busy moms of Marietta.

Say goodbye to getting caught off guard and hello to vibrant welcoming eyes with eyelash extensions.

A lash and a wink will get you further than you think!

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