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17 reasons your lashes aren't lasting

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Could you imagine spending up to 3 hours of your time getting beautiful, luxurious, lightweight eyelash extensions only to wake up a few days later in a bed of lashes? What a nightmare! Never fear, for I am here to guide you through your lash life with all of the tips and tricks that I've experienced over the years. Here is a list of possible explanations for your poor lash retention and a few tips on how to prevent this from being your lash reality.

Eyelash extensions pair well with any lifestyle, and once you create a healthy routine they become almost effortless.

Listed below are 17 reasons why you may not be getting the most out of your extensions.

1. Poor cleaning habits

Daily cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure your lashes last as long as possible. Using a specially formulated lash shampoo not only keeps the oil and debris buildup from the day off of your extensions, but it also adds in the moisture that your natural lashes need to stay strong and healthy.

2. Oil based product exposure

Keeping your skin plump and moistiurzed is probably a must for you as it is for some many women, but remember oil breaks down the eyelash extension adhesive. Check with your lash specialist to be sure your daily skin care products are not interfering with your lash life.

3. Lack of combing (tangled, crisscross lashes)

Crisscross lashes can cause friction or tugging at the natural lash base which leads to extra stress on the extensions. Brush your lashes every morning, after cleaning and anytime you notice them tangling to prevent early fallout.

4. Liquid or gel eyeliner

I know that liquid and gel eyeliners create the absolute best winged cat eye look, but the these products are typically more difficult to remove and are sometimes oil based. Stick with a kohl eyeliner so you won't have to worry about the product getting trapped in the lashline.

5. Mascara

Mascara is a big no-no, especially if you wear volume eyelash extensions. Mascara will coat the lashes causing the fans to close, which in turn leads to a less voluminous set. I know sometimes you can lose more lashes than you like between fill sessions, but when this happens it's best to just reschedule your session for an earlier date. Adding mascara will most definitely cause your lashes to fall out more quickly.

6. Air drying your lashes

This point may sound a bit strange, but always dry your lashes after your cleanse or exit the pool/body of water. When your lashes air dry they tend to stick together and leave excess moisture on the lashes longer than needed. Also if you aren't drying you probably aren't brushing and as mentioned above that is important for optimal lash life. So whether you decide to pat them dry, use your blow dryer on cool or use a handheld fan, be sure to dry your extensions.

7. High heat exposure

Have you ever noticed a change in your lashes after grilling or cooking in your oven? Or even after finishing a nice suana session? This is because high heat can actually singe the extensions causing them to lose shape or worse-melt. Avoid sticking your face in the oven or grill before burping and keep your sauna sessions under 20 minutes.

8. Cotton pillow cases and face sleeping

Cotton pillow cases hold oil products and can sometimes transfer said oil back onto your skin leading to breakouts or early lash fallout. Cotton can also grip the lash fibers and physically pull/tug at the extensions. When you sleep with your face in the pillow the friction will definitely affect your lash life, and face sleeping is said to cause premature wrinkles...who wants that?

9. Shampoo and conditioner

Washing your hair in the shower is so convenient, but be sure to tilt your head back instead of letting the product run down your face. Shampoos and conditoners are obviously full of all of the oils that our hair needs to stay healthy and luscious, but if those products sit on your lashline they will slowly melt away your the lash adhesive.

10. Not rinsing after sweat, salt or chlorine exposure

After a nice workout or dip in the pool be sure to rinse away that chlorine, salt, and/or sweat from your lashes. This will ensure nothing interferes with the extensions and natural lash bond.

11. Rubbing and pulling

Avoid rubbing and pulling at all costs, it just isn't worth it. Plus this can lead to premature wrinkles as the skin around or eyes is thin and sensitive.

12. Under eye creams

I love a good hydrating and corrective eye serum, so please don't think I want you to remove this valuable step from your skin care routine. Instead I suggest wrapping up your nightly pamper party about 30 minutes before bed. This way the products have time to lock into the skin before you lay down, avoiding the risk of the products migrating upwards.

13. Medicated lash serums

Medicated lash serums like Latisse are fantastic products, but when wearing extensions they can work "too well". Eyelash extensions are attached to each individual lash allowing them to grow out and fallout naturally. If the natural lash grows out too quickly the lashes can begin to twist or sag. This will lead to messy looking extensions or the natural lash snapping due to the excess weight.

14. Stress

Just like the hair growing from your scalp, eyelashes may shed more due to stress. So remember what Bob Marley said... "Don't worry, be happy"

15. Season changes

Much like leaves fall from the trees, our lashes tend to shed in the fall and spring. Twice a year (fall and spring) we naturally go through a shed process and this can sometimes be very noticable in our lash line. During these seasons I suggest you rearrange your fill sessions to visit your lash specailist more often. This process typically only lasts about 28 days, so your lash life will be back to normal before you know it!

16. Hormones and medications

Thyroid and hormone therapy medications can alter the environment around your eyes. The medicine may lead to the area around the eyes becoming more oily and may cause the natural lashes to become more dry and brittle.

17. Coming to lash sessions in eye makeup

Please be sure to clean off your eye makeup before going to your lash session. Most lash specialists will do a quick lash bath before begining the application process, but this is to clean up any excess oil and debris- not to remove makeup. Lashes simply do not stick to a dirty lash line, and the more time spent cleaning makeup the less time there will be alotted to actually applying new extensions. Do yourself and your lash specialist a favor and handle this before coming in.

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