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About Us

Ready to achieve a stunning look that speaks for itself?

Extend LashRoom is your Marietta destination for natural lash safe semi-permanent eyelash extensions. specializing in one thing and one thing only- eyelash extensions. We offer a lash menu providing natural to glamourous lightweight customizable eyelash extensions fit to your beauty. When you visit our private studio, you enter a retreat designed to rejuvenate you while you enjoy some “me time”.*We are professionally trained to evaluate your facial features, understand your lifestyle needs, and recommend the best look for you in an appropriate time frame. Say goodbye to getting caught off guard in messy mascara, always look bright eyed and refreshed with eyelash extensions.

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Get safe, customized luxury eyelash extensions applied by a trained and licensed professional. Hi I'm Cierra and I'm an expert at recommending eyelash extensions most suitable for your eye shape, lifestyle and your desired overall look. I specialize in natural lash health, so the integrity of your natural lash line will not be compromised. You can confidently rest on our lash bed knowing that we strive to provide non-damaging, natural looking lashes. We only use the highest grade and safest products to provide the best results.

Our premium faux-mink eyelash extensions are not only soft to the touch,

but they are also lightweight and comfortably imitate real lashes. You can bat those eyelashes all day long with the confidence knowing that your mascara is not running and your falsie is not lifting. Lash up and face the world with confidence!


      Join us in our private lash studio for the most relaxing pamper session. With low lighting, aromatherapy and ambient soundscapes Cierra has curated the perfect space to take time for you. This instantly satisfying beauty treatment is sure to have you spending more time on the things you love and less time in the mirror perfecting that smudged cat eye. 

There are endless reasons to invest in a low-maintenance beauty routine. Whether you want a stunning look for a special occasion or a professional look that will carry you through every meeting,

Extend LashRoom has what you need to face the world with confidence.

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